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Applicant Requirements

Applicants for a Grant or Sponsorship must live or work in Clairemont and be at least 18 years of age. Membership in the CTC is encouraged, but not required. Applicants not meeting these requirements are not eligible to receive funds.

Grants and Sponsorships are awarded based on contribution to the Clairemont Community in general. 

Per CTC Bylaws: 

Section 7.2.1 Grant Applications: The Council shall distribute, as donations, awards and grants to worthy applicants to provide recognition and support for activities that further the goals of the Council and of the Clairemont community. The Board shall publish the Council’s Grant Application Policy on the Council’s web site, and make it otherwise available to all interested persons. The Chairperson of the Sponsorship and Grant Committee shall bring grant requests to the Board of Directors. A majority affirmative vote by the Board of Directors shall be needed to present the grant application to the general membership for approval. A majority affirmative vote of the general membership shall be required for a donation.


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Clairemont Town Council Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life in our community by providing a forum for discussion on issues that directly or indirectly affect the residents and businesses within Clairemont.  

The Clairemont Town Council is a 501©4 non-profit organization.

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